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It’s an ACTUAL Triathlon/Multi-sport event for small groups of any level. Our club will set up a race course with swim buoys, transition area, and design a bike and run route to fit the group. These will be open courses. Courses will be marked and volunteers will assist you but it is your responsibility to recognize all traffic laws as the roads will not be closed.


Who can race?

Basically, anyone given the right instruction and course. All levels can compete. First time racers can Tri without all the pressure of larger races. Family races are super cute & so fun. Groups with similar level participants are ALLWAYS intense and competitive. Groups of All-stars from competing triathlon clubs are fast and exciting; Allways Tri club members will gladly offer you a challenging race, if you’re ready


How does it work?

(1) As an individual, you can join existing VIP EXPERIENCES. These will be posted monthly, or contact Coach Martin at Allwaystri@gmail.com for up coming races. It’s only $40 per individual to join an existing VIP EXPERIENCE.

(2) As a small group/team/family of 5 or less, you can request a VIP EXPERIENCE. It’s only $100 for your small group. Given the right course and compatibility, groups may be combined to share your VIP EXPERIENCE. To request a VIP EXPERIENCE, click here. Your request should include desired location, distance, date, and if you wish to include other groups. We will review the logistics and set up a race course. You can also choose from one of our recommended locations.

(3) To join an existing VIP EXPERIENCE, check our website for upcoming events and availability. Check our Allways Triathlon and Swim Programs Facebook group or email coach Martin at ALLWAYSTRI@gmail.com.


When can we race?

As soon as possible! You choose your race date, unless you are joining an existing challenge. Just give us 3-5 days to check logistics and design your course. We suggest early morning as traffic is usually less of a factor.



It is a more spectator friendly event than traditional triathlons. Your fans will love it! The race will be done on a smaller course, with multiple rounds or multiple loops for each event. This will give fans an opportunity to relax while watching and enjoy cheering for all their favorite athletes. As athletes, this can be an extremely intense race. The courses are short, fast and will push your heart rate over the top. You will be challenged in ways a traditional triathlon can not! Are you ready for the most challenging, high adrenaline race of your triathlon career?


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