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With COVID-19 many traditional races have been canceled, but that shouldn’t stop you from competing smartly….



It’s an ACTUAL Triathlon/Multi-sport event for small groups of any level. Our club will set up a race course with

swim buoys, transition area, and design a bike and run route to fit the group. These will be open courses.

Courses will be marked and volunteers will assist you but it is your responsibility to recognize all traffic laws as

the roads will not be closed.


Who can race?

Basically, anyone given the right instruction and course. All levels can compete. First time racers can Tri without all the

pressure of larger races. We offer private and community races:

  • Family Races - Perfect for a unique family fun get together

  • Team Building Races - Great for company teams, scouts, and other kids’ clubs

  • Private Small Group Races - A fun way to safely spend time with friends

  • Competitive Small Group Races - Race against people who are specifically
    matched up by skill level with you to help intensify your experience and push
    your competitive limits


How does it work?

To sign up, complete the VIP Experience Race Registration Form!

You can join existing VIP EXPERIENCE Races. Upcoming VIP Races will be posted
monthly on and our Allways Tri Club Facebook Page, or
contact Coach Martin at for details. It’s only $50 per individual
to join an existing VIP EXPERIENCE Race. 


Small Groups:

As a small group/team/family of 4-10, you can request a VIP EXPERIENCE Race. It’s
only $250  for your small group. Given the right course and compatibility, groups
may be combined to share your VIP EXPERIENCE Race. Your request should include
desired location, distance, date, and if you wish to include other groups. We will review
the logistics and set up a race course. Recommended locations available.


When can we race?

As soon as possible! Private VIP Races as scheduled based on your convenience.
Just choose your race date, give us 3-5 days to secure your location and design
your customized course. 


Why the VIP Race Experience?

It is a more spectator friendly event than traditional triathlons. Your fans will love it!
The race will be done on a smaller course, with multiple rounds or multiple loops for
each event. This will give fans an opportunity to relax while watching and enjoying
cheering for all their favorite athletes. For a family, this can be a fun and memorable
experience. Our team building races will enrich working relationships and loyalty. As
athletes, this can be an extremely intense race. You will be challenged in ways a
traditional triathlon can not! Are you ready for what will be the most memorable race
of your triathlon career?



Come and join your teammates as we show off what we’re made of and show off our

team colors. We’ve trained hard, now it’s time to see the results!

Here’s a list of upcoming races we will be attending:

-Sarasota Alpha Win (Sprint, Olympic,70.3)

1/9 ($100-250)

-JCC Triple Mini Tri series ($60-100/race)

3 Rounds

400 yard swim/3-5 miles bike/1 mile Run

3/19 or 3/20

4/16 or 4/17

5/14 or 5/15

***This event is our club presentation, we may participate or volunteer.

PLEASE represent by bringing someone new to the JCC***

-Crystal River Series Sprint

No Dates Available

-Fort De Soto Series Sprint/Olympic (No link at this time) ($100-200/race)





-Sommersport Series Sprint/Olympic (






*** Please put your request in for a tri-series. (Fort De Soto, Crystal River, Sommer Sports

in Clermont) If you do not vote the team Tri series will be at Fort De Soto, personally I

would rather Clermont***

-Clermont Draft Legal Triathlon (

3/5-6 ($150-250)

-Intimidator 2022 Sprint/Olympic/70.3 ($100-300)

3/12 (

-Lake Minneola Sunset Triathlon Sprint ($100)

4/23 (

-St Anthony’s Triathlon Sprint/Olympic ($150-250)



-Ironman Tulsa ( ($700-900)


-Dunedin Rotary Triathlon Honeymoon Island (No date available) ($100)

June 2022

-Long Distance World Champions (No Date or Location available) ($300)

June 2022 Europe

-USAT Age Group Nationals 2022 Milwaukee

8/7 (Short distance world qualifier) Triathlon only Sprint and Olympic ($200-300)

-Ironman 70.3 Cork Ireland ($700-900) 



-Alligator Lighthouse Swim ($300-600) (Islamorada)

9/8-9/10 (

-Tarpon Springs Triathlon ($100) (No Date available)

September 2022

-ToughMan Stoney Point NY USAT Nationals Long Distance

(2023 long distance worlds qualifier)

Triathlon & AquaBike ($300)

9/24 (

-Great Floridian Clermont 1/2 & Full ($200-500)

10/22 (

-2022 World Standard Distance Triathlon ($200) Championships Abu Dhabi

November 2022

-Key West Triathlon (Sprint & Olympic) ($150-250)

December 2022

To learn more about these races or to find out about how to join the Allways Tri Club,
contact Coach Martin


Note: To compete in these official team races you must be a member of the USAT.
Go to for information about how to join the

United States of America Triathlon association.

Information and Registration
Select Your Race

Allways Triathlon

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