• Driven

  • Motivator

  • Dependable, Independent,

Martin Wagner
Coach and Triathlete
6 years ITCA Certified
Level 3 USMS
FINA Masters' World Championship Coach 2017 

Allways Triathlon

It is said that those that can’t do, teach. Well Coach Martin is both a teacher and an athlete. Coach Martin didn’t start off as a young man in this sport or even as a runner, cyclist, or swimmer. He found his passion for Triathlons in his late 30’s. He understands how to help you transform yourself into an athlete first hand. He will be able to help you with your form, your racing strategy, and the psychology to mentally prepare yourself to win. 


Coach Martin, as an athlete, is Driven. He believes in hard work, sportsmanship, respect for one’s opponents, a

never quit attitude, and a passion to succeed.


Coach Martin, as a Trainer/Mentor, is a Motivator: Coach Martin will only ask 3 things from you... Show up, work

hard and listen. You will get out of this everything you put into it--be prepared to be dedicated to your training!


Coach Martin, as a Person, is Dependable, Independent, and Caring. He will always arrive on time and be

prepared. He will support you 100%. He will be as committed to you as much as you are committed to yourself on

this journey...he only asks that you understand that this is a journey of mind, spirit, and body, and it will take time.

Be patient, grow, and learn.

Swim Instructor, Swim Coach, Nutrition Coach WANTED!!