The Jcc Tri Club

The goal is to give you every opportunity to meet your goals. Train at the first class facility of the Bryan Glazier Family JCC. Receive the best coaching from Coach Martin Wagner & the Allways Triathlon Training Programs. From couch to finish line, from top 10 to front runner and everyone in-between, The JCC Tri Club will give you the opportunity to meet and train with fellow triathletes. You will learn from each other as well as share your triathlon journeys under the guidence of Coach Martin, our assistant coaches and trainers. Fellowship, support, friendship and fun. Come join the Bryan Glazier JCC.

Martin Wagner
Coach and Triathlete
6 years ITCA Certified
Level 3 USMS
FINA Masters' World Championship Coach 2017 


As an athlete I am relentless, as a coach I am a cleaner, as a friend I am dependable, as a partner I am independent 

as a man & child of GOD, I am a work in progress. 


Relentless: Talent and hard work will be the ONLY way you can beat me. I will out work you, I will be ready, I believe in sportsmanship, I respect my opponents enough to give them a full fair effort, I have no quit, I like pain, I will exhaust all necessary resources to succeed, 

Cleaner: I only ask 3 things. Show up, work hard and listen or I can’t help you. If you want all sunshine and rainbows, I am not your coach.

Dependable: I do what I say and I say what I do; on time & prepared. I got your back right or wrong. 

Independent: I choice to be with you. I don’t NEED you or your money. I want you to share your opinion, not give me one. I have my own opinion. 

Work in progress: I believe in Jesus Christ and I know HE died for my sins. I feel grateful and blessed for HIS grace as I continually fall short of perfect.


Swim Instructor, Swim Coach, Nutrition Coach WANTED!!

Allways Triathlon Club VIP Membership

Allways Triathlon Club

 Monthly Membership


  • FULL access to all trainings, clinics, and VIP experiences (Given a paid registration)

  • Codes to all online trainings, classes, and seminars at no additional charge.

  • Discounted training plans and private lessons.

  • Opportunity to volunteer, learn, and assist coach with club operations


Allways Tri Training Schedule

Monday: Online Cycle 

Tuesday: VIP Group Run Training ($20)

Wednesday: Online Cycle, Open water swim/lessons, or

VIP Tarpon Springs Bike or Brick Training ($20 Bike or Brick)

Friday: Online Cycle

Saturday: VIP $pecial Training/Group Ride/Clinic

Sunday: Rest Day

(subject to  change, follow Allways Triathlon and Swim Programs Facebook Group for currect events)

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Allways Triathlon Club VIP Membership ONLY $50/month