The Allways Triathlon Club 

Our Club is for all level triathletes from beginner to elite including, runners, swimmers and cyclists. Club activities include group bike rides, group runs, track workouts, special clinics, virtual training classes and multiple swim options. Join our Facebook and Instagram pages to keep up with your fellow members and current activities. Recieve coaching, motivation, encouragement and much more as we share our triathlon journey. Friends, fun and fellowship are the priority. If you are looking to improve your triathlon or related skills, and find like minded athletes, join us!! We are Allways Tri'n to improve and help each other. 

Allways Triathlon Kids Tri Club and Clinics

This program is designed for kids aged 5-15. They will learn the YMCA principles, self discipline, self control, and the skills required for life long success as they learn the basics of triathlon, including but not limited to swimming, biking, running, and transitions.

     "I always knew Martin was a great coach for Master's swimmers and athletes, but I'm finding out that he is also excellent for kids and non-athletic grown-ups like me! he managees to reach each one of us at his/her own physical and emotional level. it's fun and energizing. We are learning a lot not only about sports and fitness but also about life and tolerance. Thank you for the difference you make in our lives!"



Allways Triathlon Club VIP Membership

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  • ATC VIP Membership

    Every month
    Exclusive access to all VIP Training Opportunities
    • VIP Membership
  • Person Training Plan

    Every month
    Week to Week personal training plan. Train with purpose
    • Weekly personalized training (Plan Only)
  • Person Training Plan

    Every week
    Week to Week personal training plan. Train with purpose
    • VIP Training Plans

      Every week
      VIP Week to Week personal training plan. Train with purpose
      • Discounted weekly training plans for VIP Members
    Swim Instructor, Swim Coach, Nutrition Coach WANTED!!

    For only $50/month you can become a VIP Member of the Allways Tri Club. VIP Membership gives you access to all of the regular Tri Club offerings, plus...

    • FULL access to all trainings, clinics, and VIP experiences (Given a paid registration)

    • Codes to all online trainings, classes, and seminars at no additional charge

    • Discounted training plans and private lessons

    • Opportunity to volunteer, learn, and assist coach with club operations


    Thank you for your membership and patronage. We are here for all your triathlon needs.



    6pm Facebook/Online Cycle


    VIP Group Run Training
    ($20 or VIP Membership)
    JCC TRI SWIM Practice 5:30am Bryan Glazier JCC 
    (JCC Membership required)

    6am Facebook/Online Cycle,
    Open water swim/lessons, and

    VIP  Bike or Brick Training at Tarpon Splash Park ($25 or VIP Membership)





    JCC TRI SWIM Practice 7am Bryan Glazier JCC (JCC Membership required)


    VIP $pecial Training/Group Ride/Clinic

    2nd and 4th Sunday's Open Water Practice

    (subject to  change, follow Allways Triathlon and Swim Programs Facebook Group for currect events)

    Individualized Training Plans 
    Training Plans include:


    • Base aerobic training

    • Brick/endurance workouts

    • Anaerobic/speed training

    Plans are available for multiple levels:

    • Beginner Triathlon Program: 12 weeks ONLY $300 and up

    • Sprint Triathlon Programs: 16 Weeks ONLY $400 and up

    • Olympic Triathlon Programs: 20 Weeks ONLY $500 and up

    • 70.3 & Up Triathlon Programs: 24 Weeks ONLY $600 and up


    Virtual Coaching

    Remote and Virtual LIVE and recorded online training classes available for FREE to all. Also available, personalized training plans, video analysis, video workouts, question and answer session, data interpretation and tons of encouragement...or feel

    free to contact  Coach Martin to discuss your goals.