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Triathlon swims groups will consist of team swim workouts or all

levels up to 90 minutes in length. Including various drills, endurance

sets, technique and speed training, as well as open water training. 


Group bike rides between two and four hours on Saturday or

Sunday mornings at various locations. Training pace and beginner

pace rides will be offered. Most rides will be followed by an optional

moderate run.

Group runs will be self paced out and back, time based runs as well

as track practice with sprints intervals and various run technique training.


Youth Triathlon Clinic will be lead by Coach Martin in a youth triathlon clinic. Check out the Greater Palm Harbor YMCA for details and registration. 4 week training session and actual mini races on  Week 4!




















Special programs


Special programs include:

  • Open water swimming clinics

  • Transition clinics

  • Mock triathlons

  • Cross training

  • Boot camps

  • Heart rate zone testing

  • Basic bike fitting

  • And more...

Allways Triathlon


OPEN Water Swim Lessons
Have the best open water swim of your  life!!! Learning and practicing open water swimming, Wednesday's at Honeymoon Island. Book now!


Private Swim Lessons
In partnership with the JCC and Suncoast YMCA, you may request Coach Martin for your Private Swim Lessons. He is also available for lessons at your private pool.


Personal training 


Individualized Training Plans 

(Purchase Plans Click Here)
Training Plans include:


  • Base aerobic training

  • Brick/endurance workouts

  • Anaerobic/speed training

Plans are available for multiple levels:

  • Beginner Triathlon Program: 8 weeks ONLY $400 and up

  • Sprint Triathlon Programs: 12 Weeks ONLY $600 and up

  • Olympic Triathlon Programs: 16 Weeks ONLY $800 and up

  • 70.3 & Up Triathlon Programs: 20 Weeks ONLY $1000 and up


Virtual Coaching

Remote and COVID safe LIVE and recorded online training classes available for FREE to all. Also available, personalized training plans, video analysis, video workouts, question and answer session, data interpretation and tons of encouragement...or feel

free to contact  Coach Martin to discuss your goals.

Clinics and VIP Training Payments

Submit all group training payments here

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