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Donations & Sponsorships

Allways Triathlon Club Donation Challenge!


This a unique opportunity for you, our triathlon community, and the Allways Triathlon Club....

Two of our current sponsors have challenged our community by MATCHING EVERY DOLLAR donated by individuals
up to $1000 EACH. This means if you donate $1, it becomes $3!!
Please help!!!



Why Donate?

  • Helps expand the triathlon community

  • Assists our Kids Program

  • Helps offset the costs associated with equipment & training

  • Supports our All American Athlete & Head Coach's costs for onsite support at races (incl travel, reg, etc)


Show your support for our team, our coach, our athletes, and our triathlon community...and for those who wish to be a Sponsor, business and personal sponsorships are available. See Sponsorship options








For those who wish to be a Sponsor, business and personal sponsorships are available. See Sponsorship options [link]


Businesses can also support our club, coaches and athletes while gaining recognition for its efforts.

$1000 contribution benefits listed below.

Sponsorship benefit(s) include, but not limited to:

1-Logo placement or support tag line on team tent

2-Logo placement or support tag line on team kit

3-Logo placement or support tag line on team t-shirts

4-Social media post affiliations using your business/personal hashtag

5-Receive a testimonial showing how your support is helping our club,

triathlon and our community including team/athlete photos.

6-Discount memberships for you and your staff

7-Listed as a sponsor for all events sponsored by Allways Triathlon Club

[For those who wish to Sponsor a race or A list of specific costs related to training,

coaching and racing can be provided upon request.]


Jeremy L

Wed, Nov 24, 2021 to ALLWAYS TRI Club...

My experience with Allways Triathlon Club started about a year ago when I signed my son, Ethan, up for a triathlon clinic at Palm Harbor YMCA. After quite a few months of watching Coach Martin train my son to get ready for his first triathlon, I decided it was my turn. I could think of no better way to be introduced to this unique sport than through Coach Martin Wagner and his team of athletes. I have watched myself grow athletically in all areas, pushing my limits and going further than I had ever before. I had never done any sort of distance swimming  before I met Martin and now with his help swimming has quickly become one of my regular activities swimming up to four times a week. I just recently completed my first sprint triathlon in Fort De Soto park, St. Petersburg Florida. I am excited to sign up for my next one and  can definitely see myself run bike and swimming into the future with Martin.

Sunday, June 6, 2021 to ALLWAYS TRI Club...


I could not be happier with the impact of Martin’s swimming lesson on my 8 year old twins. His teaching goes way beyond the proper strokes and endurance.

So far he has been the only one to be able to connect with my ADHD son and to teach him how to get centered.

He also went through my daughter’s insecurities and fears to make her aware of her power as a human being.

My children are becoming centered and sure about who they are. They are also implementing in the pool the values I’m trying to teach them at home.

Way beyond five stars!



Have a beautiful day,


Claire N

Monday, June 7th 2021 to Coach Martin


...Jessie's 100 IM dropped 22 seconds. Thank you Coach Martin not only for believing in her but helping her believe in herself...

Jill C

Thursday, December 2, 2021 to Coach Martin

My Tri journey

How I got started with Allways Tri Club. One day after a workout at La Fitness, I struck up a conversation with Caoch Martin in the locker room. Not sure how it came up but I told him I am training to do a triathlon. He informed me he is a triathlon coach and he was doing a “SMALL “ ride this upcoming weekend and I should come meet some of the guys he coaches. See if we where a good fit.  The small ride turned out to be 69 miles. “with 4 stud athletes Martin, Pablo, Dave,and James”.  I probably should have mentioned I was training for a sprint triathlon lol. Eventhough I felt like I was going to die, I knew I was in the right place & with the right team. Since then, I have gotten to meet some really great people and amazing athletes, people I will call friends for the rest of my life            

I have big goals for the upcoming year. I have no doubt with the help of Coach Martin and the inspiration I get from all my teammates, I will achieve them. I just want to thank the entire Allways Triathlon team.

Shawn H

Sunday, Aug 22, 2021 to ALLWAYS TRI Club...


Just as a testimony as to why listening to coach paramount. When he says zone 2 he means zone 2 or whatever zone he tells you to stay in. The man obviously wins and knows how to get you there. My triathlon times go a little like this. 






His method works. I’m beating one hour next time only because our coach is a good one. Thanks Martin. 

Proud to be associated with everyone. 

Dave D

Stacey H

Mon, Nov 22, 2021 to ALLWAYS TRI Club...

Hey Coach

Not sure where to start.

This club has been great support to me in many ways!

I started this journey 3 yrs ago to “see if I could do it “ While watching a  triathlon, I pick three people to track beside the one who brought me. By the end of the race, I thought to myself “ I could do that”. So I ask my friend, Coach Martin, how to get started and what all it would entailed, including how long to be race ready!!!

So cue the beginning of training, I think for myself as a 12-14 hr a day RN it was hardest to try and figure out when and where and how to train with long hours. I found my way, also Coach helped me find a bike so I could start riding. Wow you think you know how to ride a bike cause as a kid you did it!! Well one thing you need to learn is how to crash/not crash! Being run off the road into grass, sand, pavement you learn a lot quickly, having you bike come apart right under you also affords a new humble life lesson!! A)how to fix said bike or B) where to find someone who can fix said bike (all part of the journey).

Running well you think is straightforward until you don’t do it right….cue run clinic and changing everything about learning to run….count 1,2,3,4 and you slow down to go faster.

Then came another challenge never have had formal swim training but the whole time thinking I know how to swim, boy was I wrong, also add in old friend “hate to fail” “ hate to not do things right “ demons and total frustration with learning to swim correctly again cue coach Martin and lessons for swimming and then still never feeling like your doing it right, oh now let’s add open water swimming where you can’t touch the pool bottom and then the aquarium creatures you love are right under you and next to you and sometimes all around you! This is where your fear gets real!! Fight or flight is hard to push away unfounded or not!!

Next cue the first race and your in the last heat to go out, your favorite ows swim buddy is with you!! As your stand staring at 2-3 foot swells that have come up with the wind!!! You visit ever kayak operator until you yell at yourself this is a short swim just get in so you can meet up with your love your bike who is awaiting your arrival in transition , head wind cross wind the bike journey is over then the sun is back out with no wind damn bipolar Florida so you run!! You finish and cry because you didn’t quit!!

That was the first of many races I completed the last one was my best ever!!  Then cue covid and volleyball!!

But I am ahead of myself a bit……

So after the first race I kept training and 14 races later pr’d all my times, cue a place where new demons came up, can I get any better am I  old to improve….self imposed demons became part of the journey 

I had someone ask if I want to play volleyball of course I said yes and I found another love, I approached my coach with how do I do both, I was told you can’t! 

You have to choose, I started training less for tri and training more for volleyball trying to learn all I could! I missed the Saturday rides with the club and the run clinics and training with the club, this club has heart and the people in it are so special. Allways Tri Club Has real heart and soul. It can be flet by anyone who chooses to join us on this journey.

i remained with the club, helping and support even though i was not  training for any tris. i love helping the kids with the kids clinic. I have given up many Saturdays for these little precious humans. Teaching the kids to love triathlon, watching them push, learn and grow has been amazing journey with this club!!! i feel so much pride in them learning and growing through tri!! I also helped adults well at least i tri'd to.

is my tri journey done?? I want to figure a way to do both, but not sure if I can. I broke my foot and was sidelined from any and all training. I love the  Allways Tri Club and wish to remain an intrigule part of this club. There is no other place beside with my volleball coach I feel love and support.

Volleyball is a passion. I am good at it and improvement has come way easier than tri, does it keep me fit yes, does it keep me moving yes, does it keep me from pursuing tri??? Great question I don't yet have an answer for but I will continue to look for it. One thing AllwaysTri Club has tought me is to never give up. You are Allways supported matter what sport your doing! As long as you move and exercise you are doing something.

i want to find my why again, self reflection journey in full effect!!! 

Coach Martin Wagner is very good at figuring out your learning style and teaching that way. I have learned so much over the last 3 yrs from him. I recommended him to anyone wanting to learn to run ,bike or swim even if there are all separate from the other. Long and short, he is a personal trainer, triathlon coach, triathlete, cyclist, runner, and swimmer!


Stacey H

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